Discover The Benefits Of Cranberry Juice

Cranberries. You think of celebrate or Thanksgiving - got the cranberry sauce. But this little berry that is native to North America, a number of other benefits that go in too; fresh, frozen, bottled or dried. And anyway, cranberries have a multitude of health benefits ranging from the prevention of kidney stones us to help prevent bladder or urinary problems. The advantage cranberry juice is - causes the urine to produce hippuric acid, which prevents the adherence of bacteria to the bladder walls. And here's another benefit of cranberry juice - a drink a day will reduce bladder infections and cystitis. Another known benefit is that it has very powerful antioxidants that fight free radicals that cause cancer. New research shows that cranberry juice prevents tooth decay, preventing oral bacteria to stick to tooth enamel. Other research shows that it may help prevent ear infections and throat in children - encourage drinking at this particular benefit of cranberry juice alone. You need pure juice, you can get in health food stores - the cranberry cocktail drink does not have the same benefits of cranberry juice. The taste is slightly acid, but you can add other fruit juices like apple for sweetness. Or, add eight ounces of water to two ounces of pure cranberry juice, you will have a refreshing drink. It has all the vitamins and minerals and essential trace elements - consider buying fresh cranberries and juice yourself.

Another benefit of cranberry juice is that it improves the health of the skin, reduces cellulite and clears acne - really. A friend drank cranberry juice to help stop smoking and she said she had no lack of nicotine at all. It can also help in cases of gout, as to break up kidney stones.

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