Herbs Against Synthetic Drugs is Better?

Herbs Against Synthetic Drugs is Better ~ Previously, science has not yet reached the level of production of the medicine to medicine, most people use what was readily available to cure their illnesses. Locals discovered various properties (some of which are still under investigation so far), which are planted with herbs in their own backyard yet. They found that, apart from giving their food, plants also have medicinal value, which was effective in the treatment of their disease.

More and more people rely on these drugs. The purpose of this article is that to balance both - herbal medicines and chemical drugs - are more effective.

What do you think?

In terms of efficiency


In terms of efficiency, it would be safe to say that yes, herbs are really effective. Even doctors recommend some herbs for diseases. What is also amazing to herbs that can be used a single unit, numerous diseases can be cured, compared with about synthetic drugs.

However, if you take an herbal treatment for your illness, you have to be patient to see the results. Since most herbs are eaten fresh, not embedded with chemicals to accelerate results.

Synthetic drugs:

No one may also jeopardize the effectiveness of synthetic drugs in question to improve many pharmaceutical companies and improve over time. Some people would say that it is like the herbs are not as effective because they are made with plant extracts, but what is most effective, requiring the compounds to treat a specific disease is already separated from the other components of the system that helps Disease faster.

Synthetic drugs and herbal extracts are also chemicals that speed up the body's healing process.

In relation to security


Herbal remedies are made with all natural ingredients, so you are sure that you will always find something less risk of harmful for the body. Furthermore, most herbs have no side effects in the body because they are not very strong. In fact, there are fewer restrictions on the type of basic health insurance plans for medicines for children, compared with synthetic drugs.

There is also a small chance that a herbal remedy will cause allergy attacks for the patient. Then again, it is best to consult your doctor before to avoid anything getting herbs are toxic and potentially lethal.

Synthetic drugs:

More synthetic drugs come with warnings on labels in relation to dosage. Even the innocent cough syrup is fatal if taken without medical supervision. Synthetic drugs are also very safe to take for pregnant women.

An overdose of some synthetic drugs are likely to cause addiction and even organ failure. The inability to stop taking these drugs can cause death eventually.

In terms of availability


It is said that herbs have been used before because it was readily available in almost all areas. Most herbs can be found right outside our houses, and we have only our kitchen to prepare drugs.

Synthetic drugs:

Common synthetic drugs purchased almost anywhere, the pharmacy and the pharmacy. Sometimes only one hospital in the region has sometimes should go directly to the pharmaceutical companies that produce.

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