Discover the Top Used SUV

Discover the Top Used SUV ~ A popular choice for many riders who love the tensile load, higher driving position, the ability to wheel and versatile SUVs, load capacity rated accommodation used up. $ 16.400 all the way up to $ 60,000 or more used SUV model, can provide a tremendous savings to new sales in the US.

Toyota Rav4: The Rav4 was back in 2006, is known as the first entry into the SUV crossover market is the smallest and one of the best top rated SUVs in the line-up of Toyota used. If you are looking for a compact SUVs, the bottom of the SUVs truck and a car parking station based, this is the tour for you. It has all the comfort and style you expect and the advantages of motor fuels.

Toyota Highlander: The Highlander is one of the most popular and practical medium SUV family on the road today. This is one of the three Toyota models are evaluated repeatedly used in SUVs. Based on a car instead of a bridge design produces truck and SUV crossover called. This midsize SUV offers a combination of car and truck-type design with your choice of a four-cylinder, V6 or V8 engine and can carry up to seven passengers.

Honda Pilot: The Honda rider broke the family SUV market a selection to the position of supply 'old minivan soccer mom. The pilot is a major player in the very large crossover SUVs very competitive. It provides a comfortable ride and off-road, with very adult cabin space and easy to use. All drivers powered by a 3.5 liter V6 engine that produces 250 hp. The capacity is sufficient to handle most of the needs and requirements of families.

Ford Escape Hybrid: For families who want to go green, the Escape Hybrid fits the bill. Ford first Escape Hybrid was on the market in 2005 and continues to drive the package. It is one of the most affordable SUV on the market. It is the top rated the SUV used for security, reliability and efficiency. This hybrid is quicker than the standard four-cylinder Escape. The Ford Escape Hybrid 2008 the US sold $ 18 600 $ 17 700 US.

This short list will give you some ideas to start your search for SUVs. Good luck and good driving.

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