What Effects Of Radiation On The Human Body?

Effects Of Radiation On The Human Body ~ Many people are concerned when it is difficult to see the nuclear reactor in Japan, if a disaster or can not be avoided. brave souls, the future of their health possibly presenting a high risk of radiation to protect the world from a nuclear disaster.

But they will be asked to identify questions about what is a safe level of radiation, and how the symptoms of radiation sickness. We are all exposed to radiation levels in our daily life. It comes from rocks, walls, earth, sun, and nothing warmer than 0 degrees emit radiation. At very low doses of radiation disease, the body reacts to the disease and diarrhea, and sometimes hair loss.

At higher doses of radiation sickness, i.e., high exposure to radiation, the body reacts in the following ways:

The hairs are falling and there is a rapid loss.

Brain - blood vessels and nerve cells, which died with convulsions and death.

Eye Elevated radiation can cause cataracts.

Radioactive iodine thyroid can destroy the thyroid and cause cancer.

Lungs - lung damage and cancer.

Cells damaged by heart blood vessels, reduce cardiac nourish the heart and can cause heart failure and death.

Blood - the early stages of disease can be seen avian radiation. The number of white blood cells is reduced, and this can lead to infections and possibly increased leukemia.

Gastrointestinal tract - vomiting and diarrhea.

Reproductive organs - eggs and sperm can die, leading to infertility.

Skin - skin lesions and burns.

It is important to ensure that you protect yourself and excessive radiation, whenever possible be avoided. X-rays and scanners use radiation - avoid close them are very common, if you can.

We observe and hope that the situation will evolve. We hope that no harm comes to humans, animals or the planet. We observe in gratitude do employees do their best to prevent radiation leakage.

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