Why PlayStation has changed the Game?

In the early nineties, Nintendo was the undisputed king of the video game industry. From the generation SNES and Mega Disc came in the end, SEGA began with the idea of ​​playing CDs instead of tapes, and leave the SEGA CD next to Mega Drive.

Nintendo, meanwhile, also played in CD technology. They talked about Sony, known for its CD work and the material that accompanies it, to help them build a CD drive for SNES. Sony has spent time and money learning about the gaming industry and manufacturing their prototypes, but the negotiations between the two Japanese companies have fallen. Depending on who you are asking, Nintendo agrees with another company in secret and left Sony at the last moment by, or Sony was asking too much money and Nintendo criticized the deal. Sony decided to use what they have learned and developed with Nintendo to work to create your own console and type the fray; They have called the PlayStation and published in 1994 to start their next big console about two years before Nintendo. What nobody expected Sony Nintendo to dethrone from the most popular console manufacturers in the world and start a field of 20 years in the industry.

One of the main reasons Sony has been so successful with the original PlayStation, the excellent marketing of the island. Prior to PlayStation, almost all game consoles were targeted at children. Sony has made a stunning move especially in marketing to young adults to make PlayStation a hit with gamblers who grew up with a Nintendo console but now she wanted something a bit more as she grew up.

Sony PlayStation put in disco and personalities support the console or playback to be photographed. Sony has the cool game.

The decision to stay with the cassettes and the extra development time of two years with the Nintendo N64 meant the system was more powerful than the PlayStation and the loading times were virtually non-existent. The Square of Time co-operated with Nintendo and brought all of Final Fantasy's previous games to the Nintendo consoles. But extra CD space to see which one could create, and know that it could push the price cuts cut production with the highest quality scenes, jumped space ship and decided the next title in its Final Fantasy series for The PlayStation Final Fantasy VII.

Final Fantasy has become a big business in Japan and is aiming to PlayStation that sales came to the island at Sony's home to consolidate the island character and its own for JRPGs fans. Though the final fantasy series was very popular among players around the world Final Fantasy VII has a phenomenon. The players embraced the story of Cloud and Sephiroth, and hungry for more, increased JRPG sales in general. The quality of the FMV sequences in Final Fantasy VII was one of the main points of the discussion around the game and the square movie advantage brought the title was something that still plays the other games today.

Many Final Fantasy VII greatly PlayStation made a serious sign in the gaming industry, and from there it only got better. Although the quality of Nintendo games remains as always high, have your hardware down this time. At the end of his generation, inspired by the N64 controller, which featured an analog stick, Sony launched the first Dual Shock controller and changed the way we play games forever. With an analog player of the character character and an analog lever to control the control of the camera, we will play games reset. Microsoft and Nintendo have copied this approach since, and now, the control system is so common that a 3D game plays before the dual analog time seems inappropriate.

Nostalgia can paint Nintendo as a game console leader; They were researchers who came up with new roads. But Sony was the company that used what it found to build the gaming industry what it is today. PlayStation is now the top brand in video games Nintendo was once.

One of the reasons for this is the success of the original PlayStation console. The first steps in a 3D game may have been strangers, but once the bases were laid, the game has changed to the console forever. PlayStation has helped establish this through a combination of smart marketing people the sector's perception and defense agree high privilege shift, which will be some of the largest in the world.

Today, the original PlayStation has been in history as a console that the game for many people has changed. If Final Fantasy VII is his first RPG, Metal Gear Solid was the action movie he could play, or Silent Hill Horror Trousers was the PlayStation is a very important moment in the history of video games and a console that gave us an amazing library Games.

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