11 Facts about Acrylic Paint

Facts about Acrylic Paint Reviews

1. The first type of acrylic paint in commercially available was really homemade painting based on polymer, which was in the 1940s are available.

2. It was not until 1950 marketed acrylic. After that it gained popularity and continued to be the best choice for many artists thanks, in part, to its great versatility.

3. Acrylic paint has many possibilities, although oil paintings or watercolors can handle easily, they are similar. Many artists use this type of ink as a substitute for oils and watercolors.

4. Acrylic ink consists of a dye suspended in an acrylic binder emulsion polymer.

5. Painting with acrylic gives his work a clear goal, clear and courageous.

6. Acrylic paint tends to dry quickly enough, although you can add a delayed ink to reduce the drying process.

7. You can easily paint layers with acrylics because the colors of the ink are permanent.

8. Acrylic paint can be applied to a variety of surfaces. In addition, pocket to be applied to surfaces such as glass, wood, ceramics, plastics, fabrics, metals, stones, cars, homes, and even cardboard.

Many artists like painting different things, experiment to see what results they produce.

9. A completely dried acrylic paint tends to attract dust; If you only work in painting, you need to have a layer of varnish add dust accumulation to prevent it and cause damage.

10. If you have a lot of acrylic paint on your brush or your hands, all you need is to remove water and soap.

One of the most famous artists, experimenting with acrylics, known as Andy Warhol, for the innovative idea and movement of "Pop Art".

Many of his best known and most powerful works, including Campbell Soup, completed the acrylic.

11. Acrylic paint is known for producing vibrant, tall and solid colors. Stand the acrylic color of the pictures and tend to be very attractive.

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